Aroma Espresso Bar

Iced Coffee ($2.60)

Aroma was started in 1994 and quickly became a fast-growing espresso bar chain in Israel, before branching out to the United States. There are now several stores in New York, all of which deliver some great coffee, pastries, and fresh food. I tend to frequent the Aroma on 72nd between Columbus and Amsterdam. Although I don’t usually come for the food, Aroma has a great menu of sandwiches and salads, all made with fresh, healthy ingredients. The “real food” is a bit pricey, but everything is delicious.

I like to come here for coffee. All of their coffee is home-roasted and ground on-site to create a fresh and flavorful cup of coffee. From the espresso drinks to the regular coffee, you’re in for a treat. Their hot chocolate is my winter favorite, and definitely something to come for. The hot chocolate is served as a cup of hot, creamy milk with a generous helping of melty chocolate at the bottom, which you can stir up at your leisure, creating a smooth and rich cup of hot chocolate. Oh, and with every drink you get, they throw in a little wrapped chocolate… in case you realize that you’d like to add some chocolate to your coffee… or more chocolate to your hot chocolate.

The pastries are another plus. Everything is baked on-site in their open kitchen and the pastries are just the thing to get with a cup of coffee. Today, I tried out one of their chocolate rugelach (the perfect pastry connection from Israel to New York). It was comfortably doughy and the chocolate was rich but not overwhelming. Another pastry favorite of mine is Aroma’s croissants. They have a great deal on a croissant and a cup of coffee (only $4.35 all together), and the croissants are always light, fluffy, and the perfect mix of buttery and doughy with a crispy outside– mmmmm!

Chocolate Rugelach ($1.75)

I love going to Aroma on 72nd Street because the atmosphere is great. It’s a pretty big cafe, with a large downstairs, couches and chairs upstairs, and an outdoor patio that is open in the spring and summer! All of the seating is comfortable and casual, and it makes for a nice place to sit for a while with friends or just read a good book with your cup of coffee. The patio is my favorite place to be, especially on a nice sunny day.



Aroma Espresso Bar:


  • – Upper West Side– 161 West 72nd Street
  • – SoHo– 145 Greene Street
  • – Midtown– 205 East 42nd Street

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