Doughnut Plant

The Doughnut and I: A Love Story

I love doughnuts. Ever since I can remember, they have been that perfect treat that I’m always in the mood for and cannot refuse! It doesn’t matter what kind of doughnut, they’re all beautifully delicious. But I especially love cake doughnuts and fluffy frosted ones. New York is full of doughnuts, which is great for a doughnut-lover like myself. I do run into some trouble at school at Hampshire College (in Amherst, MA) because there is a lack of doughnuts late at night (when I need them most). There is a great farm grocery called Atkins, which has phenomenal cider doughnuts, but they close too early for my taste!

Plush doughnut wall (photo by Kelley Kipperman)

A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon a place called the Doughnut Plant online. It was wayy downtown (for me) on Grand Street, but the second I read about it, I knew that I had to make the journey. I tried and tried to go with friends, but somehow we never made it all the way down to Grand Street to try out Doughnut Plant’s delectable-sounding doughnuts. A year went by, then another one, and soon Doughnut Plant faded out of my mind little by little. But last week, the Doughnut Plant came back into my life unexpectedly. Kelley was visiting and we were talking with my mom about doughnuts… for some reason. My mom said that there was a new doughnut place on 23rd Street and asked if I’d been there and I said no. I used to work on 23rd but I had never seen a doughnut place (and I would know), but I was curious. Kelley and I spent the day down on the Highline and went to grab lunch first. On our way down 23rd Street, lo and beold! There was the Doughnut Plant! There was a new one in a more convenient location! It was the best day ever.

The Journey to Doughnut Plant


Rose Doughseed Doughnut (photo by Kelley Kipperman)

We went in and absorbed the place. It had an old-time bakery feel from the tin ceilings and architecture of the restaurant inside, but it felt modern and the menu certainly was! There was a fun wall of plush doughnuts made of different fabrics, and plenty of tables. Their menu changes every day to accomodate new flavors, so whenever you go back you have the opportunity to try something new. I decided to get a Rose Doughseed Doughnut and a Strawberry Cake Doughnut. Kelley is going gluten-free so she didn’t get any doughnuts (but it was nice of her to go with me). We took the doughnuts out onto the Highline and I ate them later on. 

The Rose Doughseed Doughnut was very interesting. I’m not usually a big fan of flowery foods but I figured I’d be a little adventurous and give it a try. It was a small rosewater-glazed doughnut with a rosewater creme custard filling and an edible rose petal right on top. It really wasn’t my cup of tea, but for anyone who likes flowery-tasting foods or teas, it would be perfect. The filling was strong and had a kick to it, and the doughnut itself was very light and fluffy and not overly sweet.

The Strawberry Cake Doughnut was right up my alley. I had cake doughnuts before and strawberry frosted doughnuts before, but never a strawberry cake doughnut. Doughnut Plant uses fresh, natural ingredients with no preservatives or artificial flavors, so the dough was made with fresh strawberries right in it, which gave it a naturally sweet and strong strawberry flavor. The doughnut was covered in a strawberry glaze which had bits of strawberries in it. This also added more strawberry flavor and it was a nice surprise!

Strawberry Cake Doughnut (photo by Kelley Kipperman)

Fun Food Fact: National Doughnut Day is on the first friday of June. It was started in 1938 as a fund-raiser for the Salvation Army in Chicago. It was a day to honor the Salvation Army “Lassies” in World War I who gave doughnuts to the soldiers, and the money raised went to feeding the hungry.

Doughnut Plant:

  • 379 Grand Street
  • 220 West 23rd Street (between 7th and 8th Aves)

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