Soom Soom

The Story

Last summer, when I was working by 72nd street on the West Side, my girlfriend, Kelley, came to visit me and ended up hanging around until I finished work. There are many great places to eat in that area and new restaurants seem to pop up every couple

Kelley with our falafel :]

months or so, including one falafel place that I hadn’t tried– Soom Soom. So Kelley wandered in and fell in love with the falafel. It was all I heard about for the rest of the week when we were going out to eat and although I wanted to try it out, we didn’t make it back over there last summer.

But this summer Kelley came to visit me again! It was lovely to see her and as promised, we went to Soom Soom together. It was a very pleasant falafel surprise. The restaurant is fairly small with a counter, salad bar, and a couple of high counter-style tables with stools. Soom Soom is a vegetarian restaurant and their mission is to provide fresh, quality food to their customers. They have falafel, hummus, sandwiches, and plenty of other vegetarian lunch options.

What I Got!

I ordered a Soom Soom Original, which is just a fresh, warm pita with fried falafel inside of it, with some hummus for 50 cents extra. By itself, the original plus any falafel bar toppings is $6.50. The hummus was creamy and homemade and added a great moisture and substance to the falafel. When you get a Soom Soom Original, you’re free to deck out your falafel sandwich with any and all of the items in their salad bar… which is a LOT of stuff. They had a wide array of sauces and vegetables to add. I put cucumbers and tomatoes, spiced onions, pickled carrots, and parsley tahini sauce on mine. They also had spicy pickles (like Wickles… which are unbelievably good), so I had a couple of those on the side.

My Soom Soom falafel sandwich 🙂 ($7.oo)

Kelley got the Soom Soom Original as well, but her falafel was diverse and different, and that’s the joy of the salad bar option! It was great to try out the options and it’s nice to be able to come back again and create a different falafel sandwich.

Fun Food Fact: Falafel is known as ta’amiya in Egypt, which means “a little piece of food” or “small tasty thing”.

Soom Soom Vegetarian Bar:

166 West 72nd Street (between Columbus and Amsterdam Aves)

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