Mel’s Burger Bar

I went out to dinner with my friends Ian and Denise while Kelley was visiting last week. We were all up for something new, but Ian can be a picky eater (nothing too exotic), so we took a long time figuring out where we all wanted to eat. Finally after searching through lists of restaurants by location and cuisine, Ian said “I kind of feel like having a burger tonight.” So I thought of the burger places in my area and I realized that I had passed by Mel’s Burger Bar time and time again and still never set foot in the place. It’s probably because I’m not a huge burger person. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good burger every once in a while, but I’m a small person and burgers are usually too much to handle. However, upon looking at the menu online and seeing a beef brisket sandwich, I was ready to go!

Mel’s Burger Bar (photo from Serious Eats)

We all met up at Mel’s and were quickly amazed and impressed with their menu. Our waiter was funny and helpful and suggested some intense-sounding burgers. One was the “Widowmaker” (topped with mac n’ cheese and bacon) and another was the “W.T.F.” (with bacon, american cheese, cole slaw, pickles, house sauce, and fries), among plenty of others on the burger menu. Each burger was unique and certainly original, and there was a burger for just about every type of burger-eater.

I caved and got the beef brisket sandwich that I had been eyeing earlier, along with an order of sweet potato fries. The brisket was a “6 hr. Smoked BBQ Brisket Sandwich” on white bread with red onions and a side of cole slaw. The brisket itself was delicious. It was tender and melted in my mouth, as any great brisket should. The flavor was phenomenal and just the right balance of barbecue and smokiness. The cole slaw was also really great. It wasn’t drowned in mayonnaise (which happens a lot of the time), and the flavors of the vegetables in it came out strong.

Then there were the sweet potato fries. If there’s one food I cannot resist (even more than doughnuts), it’s sweet potatoes. It doesn’t even matter what form they take– it’s going to be good. The fries were well done, crispy but soft on the inside and full of sweet potato flavor. The dipping sauce that they came with was amazing. I still don’t know what it was because it wasn’t on the menu and I didn’t get a chance to ask what was in it, but it was a warm kind of spicy sauce that complemented the fries really well.

Kelley and I shared the sandwich and were both full and satisfied by the end of our meal. Ian and Denise both ordered burgers and they were also full and pleased, so we were a happy table that had great service and wonderful food!

Mel’s Burger Bar:

2850 Broadway (between 110th and 111th streets)

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