Hampton Chutney Co.

The Hampton Chutney Co. is a spot I always stumble upon when walking around on the Upper West Side, and it’s always a nice place to stop by and get some delicious South Indian food! They’re famous for their chutneys (hence the name) as well as their giant dosas… and seriously, I mean giant. They are pretty light, but it’s always good to share one with a friend!

Dosas are traditional southern Indian wraps, kind of like like sourdough crepes made with rice batter, that come with various fillings. The Hampton Chutney Co. stays true to some more traditional fillings, like their potato masala dosa, while still also straying away from tradition and getting creative with fillings like calamata olives dosa which also has tomato, roasted onion, arugula, and goat cheese inside.


Curry Chutney Chicken Sandwich ($9.95)

Aside from the dosas, they have an extensive menu of sandwiches, uttapams (same batter as a dosa but served as a pancake), sandwiches, soups, and beverages. They also have a great kid’s menu with simple dosas. I was on my own this time, so I decided not to order a dosa and go for something a bit smaller. I got their Curry Chutney Chicken Sandwich, which had roasted peppers and arugula, with a tomato basil dressing, all on whole wheat bread. The sandwich was incredible. The chicken was flavorful and had a good balace of sweetness with a little bit of heat. It wasn’t overwhelmingly spicy (which is good for me), but still had a kick to it. The arugula also added a bit of spice and the roasted peppers gave a nice smoky flavor to the sandwich. The bread was also flavorful and fresh! It was a lot packed into a sandwich, but well worth the price ($9.45)!

I would recommend stopping by if you’re in the neighborhood. The Hampton Chutney Co. is pretty casual and has a lot of space to sit down at tables and counters. There is also a kid’s corner with stuffed animals and books by the window (the restaurant is very kid-friendly). You order at the counter and your food is brought out to you, so it’s not exactly a sit-down table service restaurant. It’s also a nice place to come in with a book or spend a while chatting with friends while eating great food!

Hampton Chutney Co.: http://hamptonchutney.com/index.php

– 464 Amsterdam Ave. (between 82nd and 83rd)

– 68 Prince St. (between Crosby and Lafayette)

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