Melt Bakery

I went back to the Highline on a bright, 98 degree-day a little while back. I still don’t know why I thought it would be a good idea, but something about the park was calling to me! When Kelley came to visit in June, we walked the Highline and passed a slew of interesting-looking food carts and stands. We ended up getting some red plum shaved ice at People’s Pops (which I might blog on later…) but while we were walking, one stand, which displayed some colorful and interesting looking ice cream sandwiches, caught my eye and I was determined to return and try it out.

“Lovelet” ($4.00)

It turned out to be a little ice cream sandwich cart run by Melt Bakery. They specialize in artisanal ice creams, funky cookies, and altogether unexpected ice cream sandwich combinations! The stand only offers a few flavors of sandwiches at a time, but the flavors change day to day. When I came, they had the “Lovelet” (cream cheese ice cream between red velvet meltcakes), the “Classic” (vanilla ice cream between chocolate chip walnut cookies), the “Cinnamax” (cinnamon ice cream between snickerdoodles), and an unnamed sandwich with green tea ice cream between snickerdoodles. I went online after and found their full menu of past and present flavors, which contains some enticingly novel flavors such as the “Thai Fighter” (chocolate chili ice cream between coconut curry cookies), the “Jack” (pumpkin pie ice cream between molasses cookies), and the “Marcel” (Earl Gray tea ice cream between lemon madeleines)… very clever!

I’m a huge fan of cream cheese frosting (the only reason why anyone eats carrot cake…), so of course I couldn’t resist trying the “Lovelet”. I had never had cream cheese ice cream before, so that element of the ice cream sandwich really intrigued me. It was basically like a red velvet whoopie pie except with ice cream instead of frosting. The red velvet meltcakes were definitely cakey, which tasted good but they didn’t hold up the best in the freezer. I think it would have been interesting to have an actual red velvet-type cookie, but the taste was still present and strong. However, the ice cream was a winner! It tasted like cream cheese frosting but a little less sweet and actually made for a great balance of sweet and savory in an ice cream. It was a little more subdued than vanilla or sweet cream ice creams that I’ve had, and it would probably be excellent on a warm slice of pie!

I would definitely recommend Melt Bakery, and I hope to visit their shop down on the Lower East Side. I wouldn’t necessarily get the “Lovelet” again but I would love to return and try some of their other flavors. It was a refreshing snack on a hot day and a great addition to all of the great dessert options on the Highline.

Melt Bakery:

132 Orchard Street (between Rivington and Delancey Streets)

Ice cream sandwiches also sold at:

Fun Food Fact: The ice cream sandwich as we know it today, first appeared in the 1890s, sold by New York street vendors as novelty ice cream treats.

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