Today I worked an early shift and was out of work by 3:00, and ready for a treat! I work down on the Lower East Side where there are so many great summertime ice cream places, but I had one in mind before I even headed out the door– popbar. Popbar is a little ice pop store located in the West Village, right by West 4th St. They specialize in handcrafted gelato and sorbetto pops made with fresh fruits, by loving hands.

Apricot popSorbetto ($3.49)

 I had been to popbar a couple of times before, but I don’t get to stop by often because I live a lot farther uptown and I’m not around that area all too often, but this is one cool place that has never failed to impress me. They have a menu of popGelato, popSorbetto, and YogurtPops, as well as some unique  items like their Hot Chocolate on a Stick (you get a cup of steamed milk and a chunk of rich chocolate on a stick to stir into it) and their Frozen Hot Chocolate, which is a good summer treat! I have only had their pops, both the popGelato and the popSorbetto, and they are awesome!

They have a wide array of pop flavors, such as Blood Orange, Peach, Coconut, Coffee, Chocolate, Grapefruit, and Kiwi, and all are made with the best quality  fresh fruit to achieve the most flavorful pops. The popGelatos are $3.99 and the popSorbettos are $3.49. You also have the option of customizing your pop with a selection of dips and “Poppings”. The dips are: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and the “Poppings” include: shredded coconut, almonds, hazelnuts, and  granola. Unlimited dips are $0.50 extra and unlimited “Poppings” are also $0.50 extra… so you can go pop crazy!

Today, I wanted to try a new flavor. After a ridiculously long time spent scanning the freezer wanting everything, I decided to try their Apricot popSorbetto. I was going to get a dark chocolate dip but I really just wanted a fruit pop straight up, so I got the apricot pop by itself. I couldn’t have asked for a more apricot-y pop! It had such a strong, full fruit flavor, it was basically like they made an apricot smoothie and then froze it (which is probably pretty close to accurate). It was the perfect thing to have on a hot day like today and I was done with it surprisingly fast– I just couldn’t stop eating!

I would definitely recommend popbar to anyone passing through that area, or if you want to make it a destination, you won’t be disappointed! It’s well worth the price and besides, gelato and sorbetto are way more fun on a stick!







Popbar: http://pop-bar.com/index.php

5 Carmine Street (at 6th Avenue)

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