Joe has some of my favorite coffee in the city. This is a coffee shop where coffee is taken seriously and viewed as an art and a science! The baristas at Joe are always knowledgeable and friendly, and aside from having spectacular coffee, the atmosphere of the shops is inviting and cozy. The two Joe locations that I stop by frequently are on the Upper West Side (Columbus Ave. between 84th and 85th Streets) and the West Village (141 Waverly Place). The West Village was where  I first found and fell in love with Joe. I wandered in and found a cozy table to read at, and I’ve been going back ever since! Whenever I’m in the mood for a laid back spot to read or write for a few minutes or an hour, Joe is my go-to.

The West Village location is great because it’s on a fairly quiet street and has a little “patio” area out front with a couple of benches. On a sunny day, it’s great to enjoy your coffee outside without too much street traffic going by. The atmosphere inside the shop is also very calm and light, and they always have local artwork up on the walls, which is great to check out!

Cappuccino ($3.49)

I stumbled upon the Upper West Side location as well, and was thrilled to find a Joe location closer to my house. This location is also comfortable and the staff there are super nice. They also have a couple benches outside to sit on and a few small tables inside. Today I came to this location with a book, ready to sit and sip some coffee. I got an 8 oz. cappuccino ($3.49), which was beautifully made with some heart-shaped latte art, and tasted great too! The foam was a good consistency and the espresso was tasty and gave me just the kick i needed on a cloudy, rainy day. I usually come in for their regular coffee (either hot or iced), which is well-roasted and brewed, but their espresso drinks are always a treat. The baristas are very well trained here, and I’ve never had a less than wonderful coffee experience at Joe! They also offer a variety of baked goods and pastries to enjoy with your coffee.

Aside from the coffee, one thing that I love about Joe is that at each location, the store has a very personal, neighborhood feel to it. The staff are always friendly and take a minute to talk to you (which is hard to come by in New York sometimes) and they definitely build up a loyal group of regulars. Joe has many locations around New York, so it’s well worth checking out! You’ll get a great cup of coffee served with personal and friendly service.


  • Joe Upper West: 514 Columbus Ave. (between 84th and 85th Streets)
  • Joe West Village: 141 Waverly Place (off of 6th Ave.)
  • Joe Columbia University: 550 West 120th St. (between Amsterdam and Broadway)
  • Joe Brooklyn: 332 Flatbush Ave. Extension
  • Joe on Lexington: 1045 Lexington Ave. (between 74th and 75th Streets)
  • Joe Union Square: 9 East 13th St. (between University Pl. and 5th Ave.)
  • Joe Grand Central: 44 Grand Central Terminal
  • Joe Chelsea: 405 West 23rd St. (at 9th Ave.)

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