Two Boots

I was first brought to Two Boots pizzeria by a friend of mine years ago, down in the West Village. I remember walking into a funky-looking pizzeria and trying some crazy good, but interesting pizza. I’ve been discovering new Two Boots locations ever since, and each one is just as funky-looking and good as the last. The “Two Boots” that Two Boots is named after, are Italy (the knee-high boot) and Louisiana (the work boot), and essentially that’s what Two Boots pizza is: a funky combination of Cajun flavors and Italian-style pizza. As you can imagine, this combination produces some great slices!

“The Larry Tate” ($3.95)

I went to the Upper West Side Two Boots location for lunch this time. It’s always hard to decide what kind of pizza to get, but I went with my usual slice of “The Larry Tate”, which is a white pie with spinach, plum tomatoes, and fresh garlic ($3.95). They offer a variety of pizzas, all named after famous cinematic characters and celebrities. There’s “The Newman” (white pie with sopresatta and sweet italian sausage), “The Bird” (white pie with spicy buffalo wings, blue cheese dressing, scallions, and jalapenos) “The Tony Clifton” (shiitake mushrooms, sweet red pepper pesto, vidalia onions, and mozzarella), the Upper West Side special “The Bella” (spinach and artichoke dip pizza, with cayenne and jalapenos), and many more! Every pizza I’ve tried there has been fantastic and even though the slices are a little more expensive than any New Yorker is comfortable with, they’re tasty and filling enough to make you not regret it. I’m usually completely full after one slice because they pack a lot of good food into a slice of pizza!

Two Boots also offers sandwiches which include the traditional pizzeria heroes as well as traditional Louisiana po’ boys, served up with homemade Cajun cole slaw. They also have calzones and salads, as well as a variety of sodas (including Boylan’s, which I love!). Overall, Two Boots provides great food and a wonderfully colorful, inviting atmosphere. It’s definitely a family-friendly place and also a great spot to stop in and get a slice on the run.

Two Boots:

  • Upper West Side: 2547 Broadway (Between 95th and 96th Streets)
  • Upper East Side: 1617 2nd Avenue (Between 83rd and 84th Streets)
  • West Village: 201 West 11th St.
  • Bleecker Street: 74 Bleecker St.
  • Hell’s Kitchen: 625 9th Ave.
  • Avenue A: 42 Ave. A (Between 3rd and 4th Streets)
  • Park Slope: 514 2nd St.

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