Roti Roll- Bombay Frankie

Roti Roll on Amsterdam Ave. between 109th and 110th

Roti Roll has been one of my favorite neighborhood spots since middle school, when I first discovered the wonders of the Frankie as a cheap, quick lunch. Roti Roll came to the Upper West Side in 2005 and has thrived there ever since, becoming a popular snacking spot for Columbia students and the entire neighborhood. It’s a tiny restaurant with a couple of countertops and stools to sit and eat. Their kitchen extends straight behind the counter and you can see your food being prepared as you wait, which is always kind of fun! The restaurant can get a little crowded at times so seating can be hard to come by, but the  food is great to take to go or to just stand and eat right there.

Most of what Roti Roll offers is a menu of Frankies, which are a type of Bombay street food. Basically, a Frankie is a grilled, Indian-style wrap, filled with chicken, lamb, chickpeas, potatoes, whatever you want really, and then topped off with raw onions and tomatoes, and a sauce made with mint, cilantro, and yogurt. You have the option to make your Frankie spicy as well… and they can get really spicy at Roti Roll! They also offer a short menu of other appetizers, including Chicken Lollipops, Hot Aloo Fries, and Masala Calamari. They have a small cooler full of drinks, including homemade mango lassis, which are usually my beverage of choice.

Aloo Masala Frankie ($4.00)

My go-to Frankie is the Aloo Masala Frankie, which is filled with a spiced potato and sweet pea mix (it kind of tastes like a vegetarian samosa filling). They offer single Frankies and double orders for a bit of a deal, and the Aloo Masala Frankie is $4.00 for one, and $7.00 for two. I usually like to keep mine on the mild side but if you’re a fan of spicy foods, I would recommend asking for a little heat! The Frankies are the perfect size and flavor to fill me up and keep me satisfied. I love the variety of flavors all packed into one wrap and the bread of the wrap is a great flavor after being grilled and is soft and chewy. The Frankies are portable and definitely filling, and each one that I’ve tried has been really great. They offer an extensive Frankie menu, which includes a lot of vegetarian options as well as many varieties for meat-lovers and seafood fans.

Overall, Roti Roll is a great option for good cheap eating, and it keeps me coming back for more. If you’re a fan of Kati Roll down in the Village, Roti Roll offers a similar Frankie experience for similar, if not lower, prices. As far as Indian street food goes, they keep it simple and tasty, and the people who work there are always friendly and passionate about the food they serve!




Roti Roll:

994 Amsterdam Ave. (between 109th and 110th Streets)

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