Pommes Frites

After stuffing ourselves full of Ample Hills ice cream, Evan, Chris, and I made our way back to Manhattan and over to St. Mark’s Place for one of the best fries spots in New York: Pommes Frites. Evan and I went a couple years back with our friend for the first time, after she had raved about it for a while. Pommes Frites does fries Belgian style, and does them well!

Large Frites ($6.25) with a 3 sauce combo ($3.75)

They have a walk-up window where you can order from and some tables inside as well. How it works is you choose the size of fries you want (they’re served in paper cones… true Belgian style) and then you can choose from their free sauces/ toppings or choose from their extensive menu of other sauce options. All sauces are $1.00 extra or you can get a 2 sauce combo for $2.50, or a 3 sauce combo for $3.75. The free sauces that fries come with are the Frite Sauce (traditional European mayo) and the Especial (Frite sauce with ketchup and raw onion), as well as Tabasco, ketchup, yellow mustard, malt vinegar, raw onions, and jalapenos. The Frite Sauce is really good, and it’s worth getting for free anyway, but their other sauces are crazy good so I would definitely recommend trying them out too!

We decided to split a large order of fries ($6.75) between the three of us because we were still pretty full but wanted fries. We also got the 3 sauce combo, one sauce each, and I got the Roasted Garlic Mayo, while Evan and Chris both got the Honey Mustard Mayo. We decided to get the Frite sauce for free as well. The full sauce menu has 26 options, including Curry Ketchup, Pesto Mayo, Sweet Mango Chutney Mayo, and Rosemary Garlic Mayo among others. There’s definitely a sauce for every taste. The fries are made to order and are substantial (none of that skimpy McDonald’s stuff). They fill you up and leave you satisfied and you get a good helping of the sauces, so there’s more than enough sauce for all of your fries.

The restaurant itself is fun to see as well. It sort of looks like an old tavern inside with wood paneling and wooden booths and counters. The tables also have holes in them for holding your cone of frites while you eat! It’s worth the visit and you’ll walk away with a frites experience to remember.

Pommes Frites: http://www.pommesfrites.ws/

123 2nd Avenue (between 7th and St. Mark’s Place)

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