The Taco Truck

I was strolling down the Highline again yesterday, when I walked by The Taco Truck stand, which I hadn’t seen before. Their menu alone caught my attention and held it until I bought lunch there, and I didn’t regret it one bit! The Taco Truck specializes in authentic Mexican food, inspired by the cultures and cuisines of the founders’ adventures to Mexico and California. They offer a diverse menu of delicious food from small snacks to full meals, for reasonable prices!

Carnitas Michoacan Tacos ($5.50)

At The Taco Truck, you can choose from a menu of tacos made on fresh corn tortillas, ensaladas, tortas (toasted Mexican sandwiches), salsas and chips, and beverages including aguas frescas (non-alcoholic flavored coolers). I got the Carnitas Michoacan Tacos ($5.50) with added guacamole and queso Cotija ($0.75 extra). The order comes with two small tacos made on corn tortillas. They also come with a lime on the side to drizzle your tacos with (which is always a plus!).

The Carnitas Michoacan Tacos are filled with slow braised sweet pork, with onions, cilantro, and fresh green salsa. I also got  a bottle of Mexican Coca-Cola, which is my favorite because it has cane sugar as a sweetener instead of high fructose corn syrup like American Coke has in it, so it tastes a lot better and is (moderately) better for you. The tacos were really really great! The pork was flavorful and the green salsa added an amazing flavor to the meat. The tortillas were also freshly made and tasted great with the taco. Overall, it was a great lunch for a great price. I was comfortably full after and I’ll definitely be back to try the rest of the menu.

The Taco Truck:

Highline Park, New York City