People’s Pops

Nectarine Pop ($3.50)

I first found People’s Pops a few summers ago, but I really got to know them at the beginning of this summer when I applied for a job with them. Unfortunately, the job didn’t work out this summer but I’ve visited their stand on the Highline a couple of times to indulge in their incredibly delicious ice pops.

People’s Pops was started in the summer of 2008 by its three founders, who are still an integral part of the business and manage everything closely. When I interviewed with them, I was taken to their main pops kitchen/office area, where I talked with Nathalie (one of the founders) in a more intimate setting, and I got to see part of the pop-making operation in action. They make all of their pops in relatively small batches with only the best local fruit that they can get a hold of. They’re a seasonal business, of course, so their stands are only open during the summer. They also supply many other retail stores with their fantastic pops, such as Whole Foods (Upper West Side), Steve’s Ice Cream (Far Rockaway), and even the Museum of Sex (Midtown).

People’s Pops specializes in their signature fruit ice pops ($3.50) and their shaved ice doused in fresh fruit-based syrups ($2.50). Their flavors change daily and throughout the summer based on what fruit is available locally, and their combinations of flavors for their pops and shaved ice are always new and refreshing. This time their pop flavors were: Peach Chamomile, Cantaloupe Mint, Yellow Plum, and Nectarine. Their shaved ice flavors were: Lemon Basil and Watermelon. It was a really hard decision to make. The last time I visited their Highline stand, I got a red plum shaved ice, so I decided to get an ice pop this time. After about five minutes spent debating between all of the pop flavors, I settled on the Nectarine pop… although I really wanted to buy one of each! The Nectarine was a great choice though, it was brimming with fresh nectarine flavor and I could distinctly taste the perfect ripeness of the fruit. The pop was also a great texture– a mix of creaminess and that good old ice pop crunch. It was just the cool treat I needed on a hot New York day!


People’s Pops:

  • Highline: 16th Street and 10th Avenue
  • East Village: 118 1st Avenue (at 7th Street)
  • Chelsea Market: 425 West 15th Street (between 9th and 10th Avenues)
  • Park Slope: 808 Union Street (at 7th Avenue)

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