Chobani Soho

Toasted Coconut & Pineapple ($3.75)

I’ve been a fan of Chobani Greek yogurt for a long time, so when I found out that Chobani was opening up a new yogurt shop in SoHo, I had to go try it! Chobani yogurt came to stores in 2007 and its popularity has grown ever since. Chobani focuses on delivering a great yogurt and supporting local farmers. Their yogurt is delicious and the fruit is fresh and tasty as well. I visited the SoHo store, which just opened, so it was still a little bit chaotic when the lines got long, but my service was fast and careful. They have some benches along the windows for customers to sit in the store and eat their yogurt, or you can take it to go. The yogurt is served in small glass bowls that you can leave there for them to reuse or you can keep them for yourself (which I did because I took mine to go), which is always a nice treat!

If you’re a fan of Greek yogurt, then you have to try their prepared Greek yogurt creations. They offer a menu of “Yogurt Creations” ($3.75) which includes their Fig & Walnut (chilled yogurt with dried Turkish figs, clover honey, and walnuts), their Peanut Butter & Jelly (chilled yogurt with creamy peanut butter, concord grape jelly, sliced red grapes, and peanuts), and their Blueberry & Power (chilled yogurt with blueberries, walnuts, crunchy chia seeds, hemp seeds, and a light agave nectar). They also have more simple options which come with pita chips ($2.75), including their Plain Chobani & Olive Oil (plain Chobani, extra virgin olive oil, fresh black pepper, and sea salt), and their Plain Chobani & Cucumber (plain Chobani, fresh cucumber, sea salt, and fresh mint). There are plenty of options to choose from and they all look and sound delicious! 

I went for the Toasted Coconut & Pineapple yogurt creation, which came with pineapple, toasted coconut, hazelnuts, and light agave. They have only one size, which is a substantial helping. The toppings are what really make the whole yogurt worth it. The Chobani yogurt is really really delicious. They use their plain yogurt, so you get that great plain yogurt taste that blends nicely with the sweetness of the fruit and the agave so that the whole sweetness isn’t overpowering. The pineapple was fresh and the toasted coconut was crispy and sweet, which added a nice texture and flavor to the yogurt along with the hazelnuts. The agave was settled at the bottom so you can dip into it to get a little bit of sweet or mix it up into the yogurt. Overall, I had a great Chobani experience and I’ll definitely be back!

Chobani Soho:

150 Prince Street (at West Broadway)

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