The Kati Roll Company

I know I already wrote a post on Roti Roll, but I had to visit Kati Roll this summer too, and although the two are very similar, they have their differences as well (but both are still wonderful!). The Kati Roll location in the Village (on MacDougal St.) is the small spot that I have to stop by when I’m in the area looking for dinner. The restaurant is pretty small and up a flight of stairs, so it almost feels like a small, secret location at times. They have a small main room with a few tables and benches/ chairs for customers to sit and eat there, as well as a large cold case full of sodas and other drinks. The walls are decorated with painted replicas of Bollywood movie posters, which give the atmosphere some color and a nice upbeat feel. There’s a counter where you order and directly behind the counter, you can see your rolls prepared as you wait!

What I like most about Kati Roll is that their menu is diverse and has great ingredients. They specialize in Kati Rolls (a traditional type of Indian street food), and bring street food into a restaurant setting in a casual yet special way. A lot of the rolls include a layer of beaten egg inside, which is extremely good in every roll that I’ve tried with eggs. They use hand-made traditional flatbreads for all of their rolls and you can choose between the Paratha (original griddled bread) or the Roti (whole wheat roasted bread). Unlike Roti Roll, Kati Roll only offers the rolls, no other dishes, but their menu has something for everyone, with vegetarian options as well as a variety of meats and seafood. Their menu spans from the basic Unda Roll (flatbread layered with a griddled, freshly beaten egg), to the Achari Paneer Roll (grilled Indian cottage cheese cubes, marinated in a spicy pickle), to the Shrimp Masala Roll (grilled tiger shrimp, marinated in coconut milk and spices), and many more!

Chicken Tikka Roll ($5.00)

My favorite roll is the Unda Aloo Roll (spicy mashed potatoes with a layer of beaten eggs). Their prices are reasonable and pretty comparable to Roti Roll’s. You can choose to get an order of one roll or two, and if you get two it’s a mini deal! The rolls range from $3.50-$6.75 each (or $6.00-$12.50 for two), depending on which roll you get and they are pretty filling, no matter which one you get so whether you get one or two, it’s definitely a good deal! I usually only get one because I can’t finish two… The rolls are wrapped tightly and well, which is nice because it makes them really easy to eat on the go and sitting down.

This time, I got the Chicken Tikka Roll (grilled chicken cubes, marinated in yoghurt and spices), which is $5.00 for one or $9.00 for two. I took it to go, and it actually stayed hot in their insulated bag all the way from the Village home to the Upper West Side! It was really good, but really spicy so I had to pace myself. I don’t have a high spice tolerance, but if you’re someone who loves spicy food, Kati Roll offers a lot of spicy options. The chicken was tender and not cooked to the point of being dry, but it was flavorful and had absorbed all of the good spices and yoghurt. There were also onions mixed in, which added a good variety of spice to the roll. The flatbread itself was incredibly good (as it always is), and full of its own flavor. I went with the regular Paratha. The flatbread is really great for the spicier rolls because it balances out some of the heat! The Chicken Tikka Roll was definitely good but I might have to go back to a milder roll next time!

The Kati Roll Company:

  • Greenwich Village: 99 MacDougal Street (between Bleecker St. and West 3rd St.)
  • Midtown West: 49 West 39th Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues)
  • Midtown East: 229 East 53rd Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues)

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