Once Upon A Tart…

Little tart shell on the bag 😉

I was walking around in SoHo the other day, when I was drawn down Sullivan Street, toward a cute, classic-looking storefront with tables outside. I wasn’t really looking for anything more than an iced coffee, but what I found made my day. The storefront turned out to be Once Upon A Tart…– a small-ish shop that specializes in baked goods like tarts (sweet and savory), muffins, scones, cupcakes, cookies, and biscotti to name a few. They also offer sandwiches, soups, salads, and coffee/espresso along with other beverages.

I had already eaten lunch, otherwise I definitely would have tried one of their savory tarts. They had both small and large savory tarts for a single meal or to share, and a whole menu of vegetable tarts. The savory option reminded me of the savory personal pies at the Petaluma Pie Company, which is owned by my half brother and his wife. I worked there for a little while last summer and really came to appreciate savory pies. I’ve always been a fan of pot pie, but there are so many wonderful ways to prepare a savory treat in a pastry shell!

Plum Tart ($6.15)

When I entered the store, I was first struck by the cozy atmosphere and the old-fashioned New York look of the store itself. Then I walked up to the counter and saw the tart that I knew I had to take home. There were a few sweet tarts on display, all of which looked amazing, but I was drawn to their Plum Tart– which was absolutely beautiful. It looked like some sort of tart flower (a rose, maybe?) and the woman in line next to me had apparently been admiring it as well because when I asked for one she said, “Oh my, isn’t that pretty??” Later on when I had it for dessert at home, the taste held up to the appearance and it turned out to be the perfect summer treat, ideal for sharing (because my mom wouldn’t let me keep it all to myself). The tart shell was flaky and light, and the plum filling was not only beautiful but a great balance of sweet and a little bit tart (no pun intended…). Altogether, it left me satisfied but not uncomfortably stuffed, and I want to return to Once Upon A Tart… and try some of their other sweet and savory tarts.

Once Upon A Tart…: http://www.onceuponatart.com/

135 Sullivan Street (between Prince and W. Houston Streets)

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