Bark Hot Dogs

I’ve been out to lunch at the High Line way too much this summer, but Evan wanted to go down with me again and try everything! We didn’t quite try everything but my combined visits this summer put me at almost every stand… That’s okay, though, because I haven’t had a bad High Line food experience yet! In fact, every single thing I’ve eaten there has been wonderfully original and tasty– including Bark Hot Dogs. Bark is all about local, eco-friendly food and great food at that! You can even find a list of food sources on their website, which details the farms and sources for all of the food products that they use. From meats to dairy to beer, pretty much all of their food is locally sourced from New York and the surrounding area. For people who are about local and sustainable food, especially meat, Bark is definitely the place to go.

Park Slope

Classic Dog with spicy brown mustard and sweet pepper relish ($4.00)

Bark is all about hot dogs, sausages, and burgers. The original restaurant is in Park Slope, where they offer a full menu of prepared hot dogs like the Bark Dog (with sweet pepper relish, onions, and mustard), the Chili Cheese (chili, cheddar, and onions), and the Beans & Frank (baked heirloom beans, smoky pork, onions, and mustard). They also have basic burgers (and veggie burgers), sausages, sandwiches (crispy pork, grilled cheese, spicy chicken), fries (disco fries, chili cheddar fries, gravy fries), and some awesome condiments to add to your hot dogs and burgers! They also have milkshakes and other beverages including beer and Foxon Park natural sodas.

Pier 6 and the High Line

Bark also has a location at Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and one on the High Line. Both are more like food stands and offer the same simplified Bark menu. You can choose from their Classic Dog ($4.00), Veggie Dog ($5.00), or Nueske’s Smoked Cheddar Brat ($7.00) for dogs, or choose from their Hamburger ($6.00), or Veggie Burger ($5.00) for burgers (cheese is an extra $1.00). They also offer sides which are their Bread & Butter Pickles ($3.00) and their Seasonal Veggie & Grain Salad ($6.00). The dogs and burgers sound simple but once you purchase your base dog or burger, you can choose whatever condiments you want from their condiment bar… all for free! The condiments include your basics like: ketchup, yellow mustard, spicy brown mustard, and sauerkraut, as well as some unique options like: sweet pepper relish, cucumber relish, and sweet & sour onions. The possibilities are (almost) endless!

What We Got!

Hamburger with cheese and ketchup ($7.00)

I decided to keep it simple with a Classic Dog, and I put some spicy brown mustard and sweet pepper relish on it. I’m going to start with just the base hot dog because the relish is a whole other story. I was very pleased to find that their hot dog buns are both buttered and toasted on the grilltop, which is something that I don’t come by too often in New York especially. Your average New York hot dog is good, but the bun is usually out of the package, not really toasted, and a little mushy. Bark’s bun has a great crispiness to it and it was doughy inside as well, which I love in a hot dog bun. The buttering of the bun on the inside was perfect and added just the right amount of saltiness and buttery flavor to the hot dog. The hog dog itself was of good quality and was cooked well. It kept its moisture and had a bit of crispiness on the outside. The mustard was great on the hot dog and wasn’t overly spicy (which I like because I’m a spice wimp) but had a good flavor. The sweet pepper relish was wonderful! They use sweet red peppers to make it and it was like having a roasted red pepper sauce on top of my hot dog. It was just the right amount of sweet and it was refreshing, especially paired with the brown mustard.

Evan and our friend Thomas both got burgers. Evan got a veggie burger and I know that he tried some of the cucumber relish on it, so I’ll have to ask him how that was! Thomas got a cheeseburger and had your basic ketchup and burger fixin’s on it, but both said their burgers were great and a good price! They both got Bark’s freshly squeezed lemonade ($3.00), which comes in a pint-sized juice bottle. The lemonade was sweet but had a good amount of tartness to it as well, which Evan really appreciated!


  • Park Slope: 454 Bergen St. (between 5th Avenue and Flatbush Avenue)
  • Pier 6 at Brooklyn Bridge Park
  • High Line park by the 14th or 16th Street entrances

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