Molly’s Cupcakes

Birthday Cake Cupcake ($3.75)


Molly’s Cupcakes was a spot my friend Denise wanted to try out. They were featured on the Food Network show Cupcake Wars, which they won with a Lemon Kiwi Cupcake. Molly’s Cupcakes was founded in Chicago and then expanded to include another store in New York on Bleecker Street (which we went to). I actually didn’t know this until I read their website a little, but Molly’s Cupcakes is named after Miss Molly, the founder Johnny’s third grade teacher who made cupcakes for her students’ birthdays. In honor of Miss Molly, a portion of all profits go towards helping out schools in the community. Molly’s also donates cupcakes to school fundraisers and events (pretty sweet!).

Denise with her cupcake!

Denise and I walked into Molly’s completely unprepared for the wonderfulness of the cupcake shop. It’s a pretty big space with table seating inside and an espresso bar outfitted with swing seats (which we sat on, of course)!! The decor is very warm and kid-friendly and they have a cool display of retro lunch boxes lining the walls and behind the counter. However, the main attraction is naturally the cupcakes. The cupcakes are in two large display cases with cute signs and lots of color. Molly’s offers up some unique cupcakes and some awesome classics, which change seasonally. Some of the cupcake concoctions that we saw were: the Peach Cobbler, Tiramisu, Peanut Butter Nutella, Strawberry Shortcake, the Cookee Monster (vanilla chocolate chip cake, raw cookie dough filling, buttercream, and a mini cookie on top), the Ron Bennington (chocolate cake, peanut butter filling, chocolate ganache, with a crushed butterscotch topping), and Mixed Berry (blueberry cake, raspberry blueberry filling, buttercream, and fresh berries on top).  It was ridiculously hard to decide which cupcake to get. The woman who helped us was really friendly and gave good suggestions. She was also honest about her opinions on the different cupcakes and didn’t just say they were all ‘good’, which is something I really appreciate.

As if cupcakes weren’t enough, Molly’s also offers a selection of cheesecakes, full sized cakes (in most of their cupcake flavors), cookies, bars, pies, and ice cream– all homemade. They also have espresso drinks and coffee at the New York location. Something that makes Molly’s unique is that you actually have the option to customize and create your own cupcake. You can pick a cake and frosting and then top it off with whatever toppings you’d like! Unfortunately, the custom cupcakes don’t include center-filled ones, but they have awesome pre-made options if that’s what you need.

Kahlua Cupcake ($3.75)

I was stuck between the Peach Cobbler and the Kahlua Cupcake (chocolate cake, Kahlua cream filling, coffee buttercream, and chocolate curls on top) but I had my eye on the Kahlua one first so that’s what I went for. It was fantastic. The woman who helped us warned me that it was heavily Kahlua flavored, and she was right, but it was just what I was expecting and more! The cake was perfectly moist and chocolatey and the filling was top-notch. The buttercream on top also had a great coffee flavor and wasn’t smotheringly sweet (as buttercream tends to be). Denise got the Birthday Cake Cupcake (vanilla connfetti cake, cake batter filling, and vanilla buttercream with sprinkles), which was adorable looking and she loved it too! We did realize that there was an entire sprinkle station we had missed, which was equipped with dinosaur sprinkles, bear sprinkles, and some other choices. Next time, I’ll have to deck out my cupcake even more!

Molly’s Cupcakes:

New York: 228 Bleecker Street (between Carmine Street and 6th Avenue)

Chicago: 2536 North Clark Street (between W. Wrightwood Avenue and W. Deming Place)

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