Sundaes and Cones

As do all good things, the summer has come to an end and I’m actually back at Hampshire College now, writing this post. However, I made my last foodie outing on my last full day in New York City, about a week ago (I’ve had a lot going on…) to an ice cream shop called Sundaes and Cones, which is a block away from the bakery I worked at all summer. It became one of those places that I passed by all summer and planned on trying out but never made it over to. I had looked in the windows a few times passing by, and a couple of customers came into work and raved about the ice cream at Sundaes and Cones, so I couldn’t let the summer end without coming back, and I’m really glad I did!

Thai Tea ice cream cone ($3.44)

I was surprised to find that Sundaes and Cones isn’t your run of the mill ice cream store. A lot of their flavors contain typically Asian-influenced ingredients like Red Bean, Taro, Longan (a Southeast Asian fruit similar to lychee), and Ginger. They also offer more typical flavors like Caramel, Chocolate Chip, Strawberry, Red Cherry, and Brownie. The ice cream is creamy and unique and the flavors change throughout the seasons. You’re also welcome to sample any of their flavors before committing to one, so if you just want to try something new you can do that too. They also offer cool and refreshing drinks like milkshakes, milkshake floats (sounds intense…), malted shakes, sherbet freezes, and even egg creams!

The store is pretty open and has some indoor seating and a couple of benches outside to eat ice cream on a sunny day. I decided to try their Thai Tea ice cream and it was so tasty that I decided to get a whole cone of it. Thai Iced Tea is something that I’ve always loved, although it does get incredibly sweet (it’s made with iced  brewed Thai tea and condensed milk), so the concept of a Thai Tea ice cream is actually pretty logical. I’d never seen it anywhere else, although I was thinking of making Thai Iced Tea popsicles a few weeks before wandering into Sundaes and Cones. The ice cream was the perfect creaminess and has a great tea flavor, which came out strong. I’m not sure if they used condensed milk in the ice cream at all, but it was a little smoother and stretchier than ice cream usually is, which could have been due to that. I got a wafer cone with one scoop ($3.44), and it was a generous helping of ice cream.Of course, I had to sit outside on the benches  because it was a nice day, and because the shop is on a low-traffic street, it’s a nice quiet place to sit and enjoy your ice cream.

Sundaes and Cones:

95 East 10th Street (right off of 3rd Avenue)

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