Bubby’s Burritos

Bubby’s Burritos stand

My family has a country house in upstate New York, close to Rhinebeck. We’ve had it for a long time and for as long as I can remember, there’s always been a little burrito stand in the area that is too good to resist. My mom and I get lunch at Bubby’s Burritos a lot and it’s always a fun break from the ordinary. The burrito stand is a tiny trailer, located in Red Hook, NY, that’s been outfitted as a kitchen in the back and a food stand in the front. Since the Bubby’s is really just a food stand, there’s a picnic table nearby to sit and they put out a few blankets on the grass to sit on as well. On busy days, it’s a good opportunity to get a little cozy and meet some new friends while eating delicious Mexican food! Bubby’s is only in Red Hook for the summers because the owners return to Mexico in the winter to run a cafe there, so we like to soak it up while it lasts every year!

Cheese Quesadilla ($4.50)

Bubby’s menu is simple and straightforward, so I’ll lay it out for you right here:

  • Cheese Quesadilla ($4.50)- with cilantro on top and sour cream and homemade salsa on the side
  • Regular Burrito ($6.00)- with rice, beans, lettuce, tomato, cheese, cilantro, and sour cream
  • Guacamole Burrito ($7.00)- same as the regular burrito with guacamole
  • Agua de fruta and other drinks ($1.50)- flavors vary, and other drinks include fruit spritzers, Jarritos sodas, and Mexican Coca-Cola (my favorite)

They also have a few homemade sauces that you can put on anything. I usually go for their green pepper sauce, which is spicy but not insanely hot. They also have a smokier chipotle sauce and a terribly spicy red pepper sauce. The guacamole is homemade, as is the salsa, and both are extremely tasty and full of fresh, quality ingredients. The food is simple but consistently great and served up with friendly service every time.

Guacamole Burrito ($7.00)

My mom and I have settled into our favorites, so I always get a Cheese Quesadilla with guacamole ($0.50 extra) and she always gets a Guacamole Burrito. The quesadillas are thin but they fill me up fast. The cheese is simple but the cilantro on top and the salsa, guac, and other sauces that you can pile on make it into something substantially special. I like to eat it bite by bite, spreading a different sauce on each piece. The burritos are really big. It’s a rare for us to finish our food at Bubby’s, especially the burritos. They have a lot going on inside and again, the sauces make it into a bigger meal. Nothing’s better than eating good food outside on a nice day, and that’s what you get at Bubby’s!