Dos Toros Taqueria

dos toros outsideTuesday was a beautiful day and I decided to hang out in the West Village and get something to eat while on my summer job-hunt. Maybe it was the fact that so many people were eating outside, or maybe it was that I could see the whole inside of the restaurant from the street with a line going out the door, but for the first time I noticed Dos Toros Taqueria right on Carmine St. between so many other restaurants and shops that I had been passing for years. I don’t know how I avoided noticing Dos Toros before, so I assumed it was a new addition to the West Village (I later found out that their West Village location has been around since 2011… so it was just me after all). So I stopped in to see what the hustle and bustle was all about and I wasn’t disappointed!

Dos Toros was created by two brothers from the San Francisco Bay Area who came to the east coast and saw the need for a taqueria west coast-style. They set out to provide that west coast flavor with fresh, quality ingredients along with a passion for sustainability and locality in their food and their atmosphere. Many materials that make up their restaurants are reclaimed and they provide plates, utensils, and cups that are all compostable (as well as compost and recycling bins in the restaurant). You can read more about their efforts to create an environmentally-sustainable business here.

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Pollo Asado Tacos ($3.90 ea.)

Dos Toros is set up sort of Chipotle-style where you approach a long counter displaying tons of delicious-looking ingredients and toppings and you order and see it all put together right in front of you. Their menu is split into burritos($6.67- $8.50), tacos ($3.28- $4.13), quesadillas ($3.67- $7.12), platos or salads ($6.67- $8.04), and sides which include chips, guacamole, and salsa– all of the main dishes come with the filling options: carnitas (braised pork), pollo asado (grilled chicken), carne asada (grilled steak), or basic (rice and beans). The prices vary with choice of filling. I decided to get the Pollo Asado Tacos ($3.90 ea.), which come with cheese, salsa, and sour cream and I added guacamole to my tacos for an additional 46 cents. Each order comes with one taco and they looked kind of small so I ordered two. This turned out to be a good decision because I was really hungry, but on a less hungry day one taco would have been the perfect amount of food. They really do load on the chicken and other toppings so a little taco goes a long way!

The tacos were just how I wanted them– on fresh corn tortillas with flavorful, tender chicken and amazing guacamole. Altogether, it was a delicious meal and all over eating experience. I got a seat by their big open window looking out on the street, so I got to wear my sunglasses while eating delicious tacos and drinking a Mexican coke (another plus!). It was simply delightful._MG_0207 - Version 2 dos toros inside

I will definitely be back to try everything else, maybe at one of their other New York locations on the Upper East Side, at Union Square, or in Williamsburg. If you’re in the mood for good Mexican food and a great atmosphere, Dos Toros is the place to be.

Dos Toros Taqueria:

  • West Village: 11 Carmine Street (between Bleecker and 6th Avenue)
  • Upper East Side: 1111 Lexington Avenue (between 77th and 78th)
  • Union Square: 137 4th Avenue (between 13th and 14th)
  • Williamsburg: 189 Bedford Avenue (between North 6th and North 7th)

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