Momofuku Milk Bar

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Pork Bun (reg. price $8)

I’m working on 85th and Columbus at Birdbath Bakery this summer and on my walks home I always pass Momofuku Milk Bar, which is on 87th and Columbus. After passing by it many times, I finally decided to go in and try out their food! Milk Bar is mainly a bakery and is part of the Momofuku family of restaurants in New York. I actually haven’t been to their other restaurants, but I’ve heard great things about the food.

Milk Bar is a cool spot because they offer basics with a twist and have unique cookie and cake options. I had a hard time choosing which cookie to try, since they have a few interesting/delicious sounding ones like the cornflake marshmallow cookie and the compost cookie (which has all sorts of things in it). I also found out that they offer a couple of gluten- and dairy-free cookies. You can also find a selection of cakes, cake truffles, breads, pies, and steamed buns as well as coffee, tea, and other drinks.

I was really looking for a small lunch and something sweet so I decided to try their pork bun and a blueberry cream cookie. It turns out they had a lunch deal for the buns (pork/vegetable bun + side (includes cookies) + drink) so I threw in a drink and got everything for $10. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they offer Mexican Coke, so that’s what I got! The pork bun was fantastic. It’s a big steamed bun filled with roasted pork (very similar to pulled pork) with scallions and cucumber on top. I have always loved steamed buns and frequently get them in Chinatown, but what I loved about Milk Bar’s pork bun was that it was really filled with pork. A lot of times when I get big steamed buns they have only a small amount of filling in the center and the rest is just the bun, which can be a lot of dough sometimes. Another good thing about the pork bun is that it is served hot! One bun was the perfect size for my lunch and it was definitely filling.

Blueberry Cream cookie (reg. price $1.85)

Blueberry Cream cookie (reg. price $1.85)

Although I was pretty full from the pork bun and I now had a soda, I still had to take a bite of the cookie and see how it was while I was sitting at Milk Bar. Overall, I was a fan of the blueberry cream cookie. It was a little strange at first because it sort of tasted like a sugar cookie but with more flavors in it. The blueberry and cream flavors came through very strongly and the more of it I ate the more I liked it. It was also a little bit floppy (possibly because it was a hot day and I was eating outside) and thin, so if you’re looking for crunchy cookies Milk Bar might not be the place for you.

All things considered, I had a great meal at Milk Bar and I will surely be back to try some other cookies and probably get another pork bun… The bakery itself had a very nice atmosphere and they have some benches outside which is where I ate, so that’s a plus too. I also ate there on Saturday and was told that every Saturday at 12:00, 1:00, and 2:00 they hold a “Cake Walk” which is an open game of musical chairs where the winner takes home a free cake! I opted out of the Cake Walk because I couldn’t take a cake with me, but I might take a chance on it some other time.

Pork Bun and Mexican Coke

Pork Bun and Mexican Coke

Momofuku Milk Bar:

  • Upper West Side: 561 Columbus Avenue (corner of 87th)
  • East Village: 251 East 13th Street
  • Midtown: 15 West 56th Street
  • Williamsburg: 382 Metropolitan Avenue at Havemeyer
  • Carroll Gardens: 360 Smith Street
  • Montauk: 696 Montauk Highway

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