Victory Garden

Last summer I passed by Victory Garden a few times but never went in. I was originally attracted to it because they offer goat’s milk ice cream, which struck me as something unique and most likely delicious. For one reason or another I never made it inside last summer but today as I decided to give it a chance!

Salted Caramel goat's milk ice cream ($3.

Salted Caramel goat’s milk ice cream ($3.

Originally I thought Victory Garden was all about ice cream but I was surprised to find that they also offer salads, milkshakes, goat cheese cheesecakes and other goodies. But I came in for ice cream so that’s what I was set on. They always have a few flavors of their goat’s milk ice cream, which comes as a soft serve. Today I had the choice between Tangy Goat Milk (the original flavor), Salted Caramel, Herbal, In the Land of Carob & Honey (with carob, cardamom, and honey). I decided to try out the Salted Caramel because it seemed pretty popular. They also have the option of toppings for the ice cream but it’s $1.00-$1.50 extra depending on how many toppings you get and the ice cream was already on the pricy side ($3.99-$5.99) so I skipped the toppings.

I got their smallest size of Salted Caramel ($3.99) which actually turned out to be perfect. The ice cream was really flavorful and I got a good mix of the goat’s milk base and the salted caramel flavor so it was a little bit tangy but also moderately sweet. Ultimately, the ice cream was refreshing and a small portion was plenty to leave me satisfied. If you’re a fan of places like Pinkberry or Chobani that serve up tangier frozen yogurt/ice cream, Victory Garden would be right up your alley!

The ice cream was delicious and definitely worth the visit, but it was also a little more expensive than I’d usually like to pay for such a small portion. I’ll probably be back to try other flavors or to buy one of their little cheesecakes which also looked amazing, but I might not make a habit of getting ice cream there. However, if you’re a semi-adventurous eater, or if you’re a goat cheese enthusiast, I would highly recommend you stop by Victory Garden for a cool goat’s milk treat!

Victory Garden: 

31 Carmine Street (between Bleecker and Bedford Streets)

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