Smorgasburg: Dough

hibiscus donut

Hibiscus Doughnut ($2.75)

When I read about the food vendors at Smorgasburg, I found myself interested in Dough because I love doughnuts more than anything. So of course, when I made my way down to Smorgasburg I was sure to purchase one of Dough’s raved-about doughnuts. At that point I had no room left in my stomach but I still wanted to try out their doughnuts so I bought one to take home with me.

At their stand, Dough was offering a few different types of doughnut, although a couple were all sold out by the time we got there. They had Plain Glazed, Toasted Coconut, Lemon Poppy Seed, Jam-filled, Hibiscus, and Chocolate with Cocoa Nibbs. It took a while for me to decide, but I went with the Hibiscus doughnuts because its color was so vibrant and it sounded interesting. I was ready to get two doughnuts but then decided not to push. Their doughnuts are on the large side so one is plenty to fill you up.

The Hibiscus doughnut was surprisingly good! I took a chance on it, knowing that I usually am not a fan of flowery-flavored things. I was relieved to discover that the hibiscus flavor was not too flowery and actually contributed to a very fruity flavor. The Hibiscus was a straight-up classic fried doughnut with hibiscus icing on top and that was exactly what I wanted. I much prefer these kinds of doughnuts to cake doughnuts, so I thought that the combination of the icing and the flaky dough was perfect!


  • Bed Stuy: 305 Franklin Avenue (at Lafayette Avenue)
  • Smorgasburg Williamsburg: East River State Park (at Kent Avenue and North 7th Street)
  • Smorgasburg DUMBO: Historic Tobacco Warehouse in Brooklyn Bridge Park (30 Water Street)

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