About Marguerite Eats

Marguerite Eats is my self-run food blog which I started in 2012. It’s a project that I have continued to do for fun and to put some of my favorite New York eateries out there on the internet. Marguerite Eats includes restaurant reviews as well as some recipes. I do all of the writing and reviewing myself (aside from a couple of guest reviews), and I take most of the photos that appear on the blog as well. My blog started out as a fun summer project and it chronicles my 2012 summer in food adventures. Initially I thought I was going to limit the blog to one summer, but I have decided to continue writing so who knows where it will go from here!

What I enjoy most about eating in New York is that there are so many good restaurants that are always popping up, offering new and exciting things to try. There are also so many old favorites around the city that I come back to time and time again. I love going out to eat by myself or with friends and family. Something about trying new food and being immersed in each restaurant experience is always exciting to me. I am currently a student  at Hampshire College, so I am always eating on a budget. My blog focuses on cheap eats around New York (and maybe around the Pioneer Valley- coming soon!) because I believe that affordable dining is not impossible to find and good affordable dining is actually a lot more common than many might think.

As much as I love eating out, cooking at home is something I enjoy too. I especially love baking and making any kind of dessert, and I want to try to share some of the recipes that I enjoy making at home. I hope to continue to add more recipes to Marguerite Eats.

I hope that you enjoy reading and that you find some new great food to try!

– Marguerite Sacerdote